MTV Scream Episode 0202: Dead Bodies Smell


Damn Audrey, back at it again with the death threats!

I’m so, so sorry for doing that. I’ll never use a meme parody as an introduction again. That’s a lie I’ll probably do it again next week, who knows!

Warning: Spoilers, dead bodies, lots of smart assery.

Death Count: Jake is still real dead.

Why are all these new children so creepy?

It feels like they’re just trying too hard to throw us all off and make these newcomers seem like the obvious threats. But side note, why the hell are they so creepy? They quietly appear out of nowhere, speak in vague sentences, and they show no varied range in emotion.

The sheriff’s son and Kieran’s cousin should probably get together and have their own club where you have to have a creepy disposition in order to fit in. Do their parents not tell them that they’re acting a little weird?

It’s funny to be that strange when you’re a really little kid, makes for great stories, but as a teenager?

Nope, that’s way too concerning.

Kieran’s relatives are scumbags.

Aunt Stipend is only his guardian to collect some cash: wow, solid stuff there lady. Creepy Cousin is not only creepy, and though he brings up a point that moving into Kieran’s home would be better for the two of them (based on their current conditions): free loader much?

Damn, that’s your dead uncle’s house, kid.

Side note, he must definitely have a crush or obsession with Emma, like everyone in that town does.

At least Brooke got some roses!

They were a very nice bunch, a little predictable but nice. Yet based on the way Sheriff’s boy is staring at her from the bushes (creepy), I think he may have a little crush on her (still, you’re very creepy, kid).

Emma’s father has returned!

Get out of here you deadbeat. Now you want to be here for your child? It only took one horrific accident to make you want to shape up, right?

Please, if she wasn’t nearly murdered he wouldn’t be here.

Their psych teacher is an ass.

We all know she’s recording her conversations with Emma to probably make a case study and release an entire book about it. Wow, at least be up front about your awful capitalization on her trauma.

“See how I finished the job for you Audrey?”

Alright. Well, person that knows her identity as an accomplice isn’t just someone out to spill the beans: but also a psychotic killer.

Unless, they’re not the same person, and they felt like they were simply doing Audrey a solid and gutting up loose ends.


Either way, everything that’s happening is one big confusing mess and I can’t wait until we figure out what the hell is going on here.


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