MTV Scream Episode 0203: The Man in the Bathtub


I may be behind on these posts but you know who’s not behind on their job? Whoever’s killing teenagers this time around in the show! Well, I mean,  we haven’t killed the entire town yet but they’re being slow and taunting these poor kids. I can get behind that.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and general snark, as per usual. 

Audrey discover’s Jake’s body.

Well that’s gonna earn her a therapy visit as well!


She’s also very terrible at hiding things.

Doesn’t she realize the more aggressively she behaves towards Noah, the more suspicious she becomes? Everything she just does puts him one step closer to figuring out her involvement with Piper a year prior. Audrey seems to be terrible at keeping her cool under pressure at the moment, which makes me wonder how she did it last year.

Kieran’s an ass.

The way he behaves towards his cousin almost seems unwarranted.  He calls him crazy and brushes him off, and I can sort of get it. Now  his aunt and cousin live with him in his home after his father passed, it’s awkward and giving their reasoning, screams of freeloading. But geez man, what’s with the hostility? I’m gonna need a little more than you just saying he’s crazy.

Branson calls Brooke.

He’s incredibly good at sounding extremely creepy and being invasive. You’re blocked from every way of contacting her and you go out of your way to continue contacting her? Grown man, quit chasing after children. You creep.

Eddie got corked.

Well, that’s one tap that I don’t want to drink from.

Branson returns!

Surprisingly, Stavo makes a great pretend boyfriend to keep Branson at bay from Brooke. He stepped up when it was needed, and for that I applaud him. Not sure Brooke would really appreciate that impromptu kiss, but girl can smack him whenever he feels like.

Emma sees her drunk father beating another man at a bar.

Oh dear. Well, seems like Audrey and Emma’s mother were right in wanting to keep that man away.

Death Count: Jake and Bake is still super dead as hell, and now front desk Eddie joins him.


Next time, we wait to see if Zoe and Noah will perhaps get a new chance at flirting with each other. without the intervention of a very creepy teacher ruining their movie plans.

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