MTV Scream Episode 0204: It’s A Carrie Remake

Our death count is now up to two! People are returning, secrets are beginning to be uncovered. My oh my it’s quite a start to the new season, isn’t it?

Warning: Spoilers and snark ahead as per usual. Proceed at own risk, or because it’s too much effort to watch the episode.

Me thinks someone’s cousin has a crush on Emma.

By that I mean Eli definitely might have a crush on Emma. Let’s see, he applied for a job at the same coffee shop she works at. Alright, that’s normal, teenagers need jobs. But then they have a little moment, colliding into each other as they decorate for Kieran’s surprise party. The music was just right, the gaze was there.

I hope this is not a family that shares.

Tequila bunch of teenagers.

I’m not sorry about that one bit.

Ah, if only Audrey knew before hand that the tequila came from “Jake”. That’s super unfortunate. Though I guess this is like a free colon cleanse, right? I mean, it’ll get all the other alcohol out of their systems. Then they won’t be so hungover the following morning!

That’s how science works, right?

Audrey and Noah kiss!

Granted it looked like Audrey was receiving the kiss of death from her dead ex-girlfriend, turns out it was Noah.

Then Zoe joined in on the fun to kiss both of them before mashing their lips together. Oh dear, this just turned into a teenage kissing orgy very quickly.

No one believes Emma got attacked.

That’s awkward, but at least her father miraculously came to save the day! Then he admits he’s going to go away and get help for his addiction and problems.

Good, fix yo’ self!

Technically Eli believes she was attacked, but he might just be saying it to get on her good side and seem like better boyfriend material than Kieran.

Sheriff finds Stavo’s Brandon James mask.

Let me guess. Just an unhealthy obsession, right?

Noah and Zoe just isn’t happening.

What with liking Zoe but, as she coined it, also having feelings for his “gay best friend” isn’t exactly a good starting point for a relationship.

Brooke recreates Carrie.

Gets blood poured all over her: except it’s not pig’s blood, it’s her own. Plus ya know, Jake’s body was thrown into the mix making it extra chunky. That’s super awkward and traumatic. I imagine the psychologist’s office is going to have a wholesale discount.

Death Count: Eddie the Hotel Man, and Jake is still super duper dead.

Can’t wait to see about this school lockdown that happens in the next episode! That sounds safe.


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