Niche Please: Women Like Merch?? (Part 2)

Niche Please: Women Also Have Money

Part 2: Merchandise


What a novel concept that is, right? Women have money, that belongs to them! They have both checkings and savings accounts and by golly gee sometimes they want to use that to buy things for themselves and or others.

Now it seems rather obvious, especially given that over the years mass media, as well as our friendly neighborhood 80 year old man always say: women love shopping. All they do is shop, shop, shop, and spend someone else’s hard earned money. Now that’s a horrifying issue for an entirely other day, but here’s the thing: we do in fact buy things. Sometimes more than men, sometimes less. What’s important to grasp here is that we have disposable income to spend on things to support programs or other forms of media that we love.

Enter, the WWE Shop.

While the year may be 2017, it seems that some people forget that women in fact enjoy wrestling. Perhaps this is shocking to some, but there are many women that don’t watch just to stare at muscles drenched in baby oil, sweat, and sometimes someone else’s blood. Rather, they watch it for the sport of it all, for the amazing talent that these performers exude, and sometimes it’s for the storyline.

[Ya know, depending on the program and just who exactly is writing that dream feud you’d always hoped for yet somehow isn’t amounting up to anything your imagination cooked up (Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor).]


Nah, ladies like wrestling. Sometimes they like to buy things to support their favorite wrestlers.However, sometimes it’s frustrating to buy things you want when a) it’s only in men’s sizes and quite frankly you’re sick and tired of getting a men’s shirt to pair with leggings or alter all on your own because it’s completely unflattering; or b) they just haven’t made it yet.

Take for example: leggings. Yes as of recently Wild Bangarang has announced that they will in fact be making WWE themed leggings. Thank the gods of wrestling, it’s about time, isn’t it? But it feels like that’s been far too long in the making. Leggings have been in the forefront of fashion for years, and damn it, why has it taken them so long to do so? This could have been extra money in the pocket for years and years already. Perhaps they were waiting to see someone else undergo this task.


Perhaps, they were waiting to see a member of the competition try their hand at making leggings. Maybe they wanted to know if it was going to be a huge flop, which in the end would have saved WWE the embarrassment and the failure. Luckily for them, The Young Bucks blasted into the online marketplace with their very own leggings; and boy were they a hit. They were such a hot commodity, there isn’t one single gif on the internet that seems accurate enough to portray the surprise and sheer happiness of their success with this merchandise.

Well, perhaps there is one, but really who as enough time to catalog gifs by emotional range, right?

The Young Bucks’ leggings were a massive hit. So much so that it had people asking, “Why hasn’t WWE done this yet?”


You think they would. It seems so stupidly simple of a project to undertake. To create leggings modeled after Superstar’s gear, to create leggings that could have anyone feeling like the man Seth Rollins’ even on their worst day. They wouldn’t even have to be marketed only to women. The idea to make them unisex so men and women alike can live out their greatest dreams, they’d be even closer to cashing in big come Halloween time.

It’s not only leggings that can be marketed to women, but more inclusivity for things one would expect to have been a long time coming at this point. It’s as though WWE doesn’t expect things to sell like tank tops modeled after Becky Lynch’s ring gear, or an AJ Styles wig so we can all embrace our inner soccer mom…

That last one was a joke, no one wants that mom hair; but the statement still stands. It seems like WWE is behind the curve of wrestling merchandise, maybe because they don’t’ expect things to be able to sell to their female audience.  Look how long it took them to make WWE underwear (which I definitely, definitely called years ago). Yet they’re still missing the mark–not a single pair is for women, nor does anything say ‘hit hard, hit often’ on the backside, much like Roman Reigns would clearly do.

I mean, come on. That just seems like a given, right?


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