Brock Lesnar: Have Ya Seen Him?

[Just throw that man’s Bart Simpson-like face on the side of a milk carton at this point]

Golly gee guys, Brock Lesnar no-showed Monday Night Raw! Scandal, scandal, shoot, shooty scandal oh no!

It’s fine, guys.

That wasn’t real, it definitely, no way, no how, could be real. Sure, Brock Lesnar has no-showed Raw before, allegedly, but this was too good of an opportunity. It’s clear WWE was capitalizing on the fact that Brock was spotted getting cuddly with Dana White, which led to rumors of abandonment. If Brock Lesnar is truly ditching WWE after WrestleMania 34 in favor of UFC, then I have two things to say about that.

The first of course being: good, and please get out. I have never tried to hide my feelings about Brock Lesnar. I’m not into the whole Beast Incarnate, hit people for real because I’m upset, never shows up to work type of guy. I can’t get behind a guy that holds the main belt of the show, doesn’t need to defend it, doesn’t have to abide by the same drug testing rules as the rest of the wrestlers, and receives the best of the best preferential treatment. You can’t possibly be considered a fighting champion when you show up merely a few times a year to defend your title, versus the rest of the employees who are wrestling every single week and destroying their bodies for the product.

I’m not into it. I just can’t buy into it.

I get it, he’s a spectacle. Physically (and supposedly with the help of some supplements), he’s a dominating force. His face alone screams ‘I’ll murder you in front of your family and laugh while I drink their tears’, take that as you will about a large white male. I always find that to be rather concerning but that’s just me.

I understand his appeal in a short term sense, but not for the long haul. I get that it’s entertaining to have a beast come in, destroy everything, and leave in under two minutes. He vanishes for months at a time, it’s elusive, it’s mysterious, he’s like the bad boy no one should ever date. Except he’s actually bad and you really shouldn’t date him. For a long term type of deal, especially holding the title belt, I just don’t see how anyone can desire that. To have the title (which I definitely don’t even remember what it’s called anymore) disappear for such long stretches of time, eliminating storylines and matches from RAW. It’s absurd.

Now for my second point: FINALLY!

I truly with all my heart hope that after WrestleMania 34, that Brock Lesnar is gone. It’s going to open up so many new opportunities on Raw which otherwise has felt a little stale and aimless with one of their most important championships missing. It allows for WWE to use their own homegrown version of the beast incarnate that I find to be better, more believable, and well, someone I’d rather see destroying everything in sight.

Braun Strowman.

If WWE isn’t reliant on Brock Lesnar to be this mythical creature to obliterate everyone in his path, then they can use Braun Strowman. All they can do from here is build him up, and without Brock in the way, they can make something really magical with this one man wrecking crew.


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