The Miz: Awesome Not Awful

[Dude, The Miz is pretty good but ya’ll wanna be all like “oh he’s that real world d-bag”. Kids it is revival of the 90’s and real world is so 2000’s get over it.]

I can’t count how many times I’ve taken to Twitter, just so I can write “I love The Miz”. It truly doesn’t matter what the context is, even if he makes a split five second appearance, I feel like it needs to be said. The Miz is one of those guys where he’s constantly being downplayed for what he brings to the WWE. I find that he’s not seen as valuable as he actually is.

The Miz is money, no doubt about it. It’s something I frequently say about Roman Reigns as well. You may hate the guy, but you can’t deny that he has skills. I can already tell you have an argument brewing on why you feel as though he doesn’t have the skills necessary to be a star (even though he’s more than reached that point already in his career), so let me get right down to it.

No, he’s not the greatest wrestler I’ve seen in the ring. In terms of sheer ring ability, is he my favorite? No, and that’s okay. Was Hulk Hogan the greatest in ring performer?

I’ll let you reflect and ruin your childhood on your own with that one.

The Miz is very safe. His style corresponds with longevity: does he do amazing stunts that will surely end his career early with the slightest misstep? No, he’s safe, and that’s okay. It’s what’s needed in WWE when favorites are constantly being sent away to rehab their injuries at a time where it feels like someone is always injured. He isn’t the type to necessarily wow you and blow your socks off when he’s wrestling. To be honest, it’s okay. Not everyone needs to be a showstopper upping the next person in the ring. Sometimes you need safety and longevity, he’s a safe worker you can count on for a substantial amount of time.

This isn’t to say that he’s bad. He’s not, he’s a good wrestler–he has to be in order to still be employed by the WWE, but I personally find him to be so much stronger when there’s a microphone in his hand.

While The Miz isn’t exactly the most technical wrestler there is, he more than makes up for his wrestling ability with the words that just fly right out of his mouth. CM Punk is constantly doted upon as being one of the greatest to deliver a promo of all time. Just in 2017 alone, The Miz more than cemented his spot up there among the greats.

I’ve always found him to be interesting when he delivers a promo. He has this obnoxious, arrogant demeanor about him that screams ‘hate me’, but I’m too delighted by the things he actually says. He toots his own horn but at the same time, delivers bits of truth that have viewers latching onto certain things he says. Remember Talking Smack (RIP, pour some out for the talk show), when he verbally obliterated Daniel Bryan to the point where the goat master had to walk off?

He has this gift of taking a truth and exaggerating it, embellishing, adding the finishing touches to make it that much more appealing, that much more believable. The Miz is so good at talking, he could sell you anything. His speaking ability is at a level that not many are at–nor even be able to achieve. The ability to speak as well as he does proves to be beneficial to those he is with that may need an extra boost.

Take for example, Asuka.

Asuka is a phenomenal wrestler, I couldn’t speak enough about how good she is. While she does know English, usually, she’s a bit quiet. Her actions and physicality speak more for what she does and her talent. WWE has implemented their Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook, pairing her with The Miz. This pairing works wonderfully. Asuka’s in ring ability makes her a showstopper, a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Pairing her with The Miz’s ability to speak with the skill of a seasoned bard: it’s a matchup worth big money.

People often like to throw Miz’s past back in his direction. He’s a guy from a reality show, he’s just a fan, a try hard–and yet he hustled his way to be the guy currently holding the Intercontinental Championship.


I don’t think it’s a fair argument to say that The Miz is talentless or that he sucks. He clearly doesn’t, otherwise he would have been gone long ago. He brings money, attention, controversy, hell he’s often a trending topic on twitter. The man carries his weight in WWE, and this is all while being without Merch to boost his market value. He’s an impressive character, and while you may not like him, one has to give him the respect he deserves.


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