Panda Watches: The Marine 3: Homefront

Today we continue our backwards and absolutely senseless way of watching the Marine movies!  This time we're (and by we I clearly mean my own charming self) covering The Marine 3: Homefront which also stars WWE's own Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin as the latest protagonist of the series, Jake Carter. Now one has to feel bad... Continue Reading →


Panda Watches: The Marine 4: Moving Target

This Lazy Panda has caved and decided to watch movies put out by WWE Studios or starring WWE Superstars. Oh I know, this is about to get so wonderful. Now we're going to do things a little differently as I intend to save the best for last. Whether the last one is the best for being... Continue Reading →

A Walk Among The Tombstones

It's so easy to make jokes about Liam Neeson and Taken because....well, his family members just can't seem to stop disappearing. Really, at this point one should just stop leaving the country and stay home. Perhaps take a walk around the block, going after hostile kidnappers is just not a healthy hobby for anybody.Now I am fully aware... Continue Reading →

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