MTV Scream Episode 0204: It’s A Carrie Remake

Our death count is now up to two! People are returning, secrets are beginning to be uncovered. My oh my it's quite a start to the new season, isn't it? Warning: Spoilers and snark ahead as per usual. Proceed at own risk, or because it's too much effort to watch the episode. Me thinks someone's... Continue Reading →


MTV Scream Episode 0203: The Man in the Bathtub

I may be behind on these posts but you know who's not behind on their job? Whoever's killing teenagers this time around in the show! Well, I mean,  we haven't killed the entire town yet but they're being slow and taunting these poor kids. I can get behind that. Warning: Spoilers ahead and general snark,... Continue Reading →

The Good Bits: Bates Motel(s4ep3)

Death Check: Emma's mother is still pretty dead. RIP Norman's belt, you served your purpose. Normero wedding. That's the ship name, right? Normero, as the kids say? Either way, the Normero wedding went off without a hitch. Norma looked beyond bothered to be there, which is hilarious considering getting married was originally her idea. Secondly,... Continue Reading →

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