Oh What Fun, It Was To Write!


The Red Violin Soundtrack- Twas an interesting journey.

Overall Album Rate: 4

So this album is pretty damn awesome if I do say so. Like I said before it’s so hauntingly good. In a weird way it’s kind of soothing even though it brings out insane feelings of paranoia at night (but that is just me). So wise word of advice, listen to this with either the lights on or during the day and you should be fine.  This soundtrack just has so many amazing buildups that lead to really promising conclusions (aside from The Theft, but that’s just a fluke).

I like that it ties into the movie so well. When listening to the album in a way the music portrays the story, and it does it very well. The sound track does a great job of sounding so sinister, mischievous, and haunting in all of its tracks. Although there are some slow parts where the buildup seems to go on forever, and you just want to get to the good stuff, in most cases it is worth the wait. John Corigliano composed a wonderful score and I can see (well hear) why he won an Academy Award for his masterpiece.

It’s so hauntingly good. I say that a lot but it really is a great piece.

Interestingly enough, the red violin is actually a real instrument! Although it goes by the name “Red Mendelssohn” and is played by Elizabeth Pitcairn, who has had the violin since she was sixteen years old (wow, lucky kid).  Some people speculate that this talented violinist is the violin’s true soul mate, considering she is the only person to bring it to concert halls to play and share with the world. The Christie’s auction in 1990 in London is apparently what the film is based on. That violin sold for 1.7 million dollars, can you believe that? The violin was crafted in 1720 by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona , Italy. The violin has such a title by the red stripe on its top right side, but no one is sure why that is.

Here is the violin’s owner now, playing a part of the movie soundtrack. It’s quite beautiful actually, and even more creepy considering she’s playing the actual, supposedly haunted violin. That thing was missing for 210 ten years and no one knows what happened to it during that time.




Most definitely.


If I EVER need a theme song, this is not it


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- If you actually listen to this track while committing a crime you will most likely fall asleep and be caught within moments

Track 18: The Theft

I’m just going to cut to the chase and rate this a two out of five. I would to sit here and say that I absolutely adore this track and everyone should listen to it and make it their theme song for life, but I’m disappointed by it. It’s a nice track there’s nothing wrong with it per se but I just find myself to be bored with it. The buildup is disappointing, a soft mellow tone that doesn’t sound very sinister like the rest of the track. At 1:12 the track starts to get a bit better, but that’s only if you find yourself able to get through the first minute. I know a minute seems like a short amount of time but when you’re waiting for a good part to come on, it feels like forever. The best part is at 1:50 (again Spotify timer) but the song is barely over two minutes, so the good part is really only at the end.

This is not the song I would use to try to convince anyone to listen to the soundtrack or watch the movie. It’s a bit dull and it doesn’t have the same excitement or intensity as the other tracks do. It isn’t a bad piece but it isn’t amazing either, it’s just okay. It’s a little disappointing that the best part is at the end with about twenty seconds left, but if you’re watching the movie then the music doesn’t really put a damper on the scene.

When listening to this outside of the movie, for example on my commute I really don’t notice the song is playing until those last twenty seconds. I feel a little bad but then again it doesn’t draw my attention like the Death of Anna or Birth of the Red Violin.

Birth of the Red Violin


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- What to listen to when you’re feeling dark and mischievous and really want to stir up trouble

Track 4: Birth of the Red Violin

Another good song which I would rate a three out of five, I suppose because it’s not as dark and heavy as the Death of Anna, which again had an amazing buildup. I do feel though if you’re just in a horrible mood and it’s a cloudy terrible day (as it is today) this song just works so well to set the mood.

Rainy day, feeling terrible?

Here’s a dose of Birth of the Red Violin, a lovely song for an instrument that will go on to kill plenty of people and cause terrible luck (woopsies spoiler)!

I love the beginning, this slow dark tone that slowly incorporates that high pitched violin. It’s so haunting and the fact that’s slow can make someone feel uneasy and a little paranoid, like say making them look out their window every few moments to make sure there’s no masked murderer waiting outside.  At 1:10 (Spotifiy timer) the violin just holds this one long note and it’s so sinister. It’s completely perfect for someone who wants to feel like an evil villainous genius!  As much as I personally love this song there’s no way I can recommend this to my friends, I’ve tried, it does not work well. Very few of them want to listen to a purely instrumental soundtrack.  They won’t even give it a try just because it’s an instrumental soundtrack, one would think the next step is to get them to watch the movie yes?

Well no.

That does not work either, when I told them about the movie they were even less disinterested (note: never mention how long the movie is). It takes quite a lot to convince my group of friends (which is sad) and so far not a single one has budged. However if you can convince someone to watch the movie, or know someone that appreciates string/orchestral music, then I think they will enjoy this song very much. Especially if they have a sinister or mischievous side to them.

Death of Anna is so awesome– Wait not in that way!


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- This is my favorite song and it’s quite enchanting

Track 3: Death of Anna (you can find it on Spotify! :D)

Well let’s see if I had to rate that song I would give it a four out of five. It was definitely difficult to pick a favorite, with Kaspar’s Audition pulling in at a close second. It’s also difficult to rate the song because the entire soundtrack is a masterpiece, but I would give it a four out of five (what can I say I’m a harsh grader). This song just has such an amazing build up from the very beginning. Granted in the movie, and as you can see in the title, the subject matter of the song isn’t so lovely but at least the song itself sounds great!

The buildup from the very beginning feels like you are in a horror movie. It’s almost as though the violin is screaming as it’s being played, until 0:52 (Spotify timer) where it just stops and settles down. This track is my favorite because I feel like I can take that beginning build up and set it to any murder scene in a horror movie. I feel like it would work best for the silent killers like Michael or Jason, Freddy would just ruin it, he talks way too much. It’s so haunting and disturbing. It’s all the little sounds in the beginning of the track in the background. All the numerous string instruments playing at different pitches that really set this terrifying tone. It’s such a rich sound and it can send chills up someone’s spine.

Personally I love putting this song on at night. I have a mother that scares incredibly easily so I’ve made it my goal in the near future to put it as loud as possible on my laptop at night just before she goes to bed and walk around the hallway with the laptop to scare her. It’s great because the closer I get to her the louder the music will be her ears, it’s like another build up, and the scare factor is just rich. You definitely want to use this song if you plan on freaking someone out.

Just like Sam Jackson over here freaks me out in this picture.

The Red Violin Soundtrack – After One Week, Here’s a Story!


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- Listen to this on any form of public transportation and you’re good for the day

No seriously, just try it.

Listening to the soundtrack while on the bus really jumpstarts my commute to school. For one particular instance, listening to Pope’s Betrayal on the bus just lets your imagination wander. I was on my way to campus at seven in the morning and these two people sat down in front of me. I have no idea what relation they had to each other but this song just made me want to hand them a cup of coffee and console them. It’s not even like the two were sobbing uncontrollably. It’s the fact that it was so early in the morning, the sunrise over the Gil Hodges bridge is burning your eyes, and here are these two people talking to each other like they were stabbing each other with their eyes. Well they looked like they were whispering but how would I know I had headphones on.

Anyways, they just looked so un-interested in what was going on around them. There were no smiles, no indication of any happy feelings, the man would frown or furrow his eyebrows a lot so I think they were talking about a topic that wasn’t too….happy. Well with this lovely music on in the background I just made their conversation up in my head. See while listening to this I imagined the two were married and the husband caught her cheating and he was confronting. So there’s this part in the song around 1:50 where the violin changes between very high pitch to a lower pitch back and forth almost like an argument. It was great it was like the two were arguing about what happened and there’s this crescendo to where it was silent for about two seconds before softer music rolls in. If there speaking was in time with that crescendo it would have made my day, but it wasn’t.

I have quite the vivid imagination when it comes to staring at people and painting their life stories in my mind.

So as you can see even after a week this sound track is still a great listen. I don’t hate it. In fact it makes my commute that much more entertaining. I’m sure those two people wouldn’t find it entertaining but I did. Sure there are some parts when listening to the album where it’s slow and soft, and you just want it to pick up so it’s faster and more aggressive, but the buildup to get to that point is so worth the wait. Although I will admit to becoming impatient and just fast forwarding through to my favorite parts.

One week later, still going strong.

The Red Violin Is Hauntingly Hypnotic


The Red Violin Soundtrack

Not going to lie I was pretty excited about getting this album, even though it was my second choice. I happen to love instrumental music and movie scores (Danny Elfman’s Batman score, check it out if you’re mentally sane it’s epic).

In my opinion, when the soundtrack to a movie is purely instrumental, it’s usually pretty promising, hence Danny Elfman in any work he’s ever done, or “Star Wars”, but that’s just what I think.

The soundtrack comes from the movie “The Red Violin” (go figure huh?) and the score was done by John Corigliano. The film in fact won the 1999 Academy Award for best movie score, (another hint as to this being a promising musical experience).  It’s also won several Genie awards in 1998 for best art direction, best cinematography, best costume design, and best director.

(John Corigliano is quite an accomplished composer and musician. He in fact comes from a musical family, his father a former concert master of the New York Philharmonic, and his mother an educator as well as a pianist. Not only does he teach at the Juliard School, but also at Lehman College he holds the title “Distinguished Professor of Music”).

Now naturally when you have a movie soundtrack one has to watch the movie!

I’m not going to post a review of the movie here but it is just wicked and awesome. Especially Samuel Jackson, because he is not cursing up a storm threatening to shoot people, this is the only role that I am aware of where he does not do that, so kudos to him for showing some restraint! So if you aren’t the faint of heart I suggest you watch it, if you are, watch it anyway and just have an EMT on standby. It’s really worth the 131 minutes.

Initial Impression

Wow, so I’m using my initial impression from watching the movie and listening to the music from there. When watching this film you just become so engrossed in the storyline. The music is so haunting and personally it seems as though it’s hypnotic, it just keeps you engrossed and attached to what’s going on. I feel that it really draws on the emotion from these unfortunate characters and really just adds on to the acting. First it just starts out as this background melody as the characters speak and their story unravels,  but then it picks up and gets louder. It doesn’t consume the scenes, but it just becomes a part of it. When words aren’t spoken, the music does all the talking.

Although I must add this little part, when I saw the husband running behind the small child and seeing the child stop to turn around and wait for him, I did laugh, but… I’m just slightly cruel.

As a person who plays classical guitar, listening to the soundtrack made me want to pick up that guitar and learn the entire score it’s addicting.