Oh What Fun, It Was To Write!

The Red Violin Soundtrack- Twas an interesting journey. Overall Album Rate: 4 So this album is pretty damn awesome if I do say so. Like I said before it’s so hauntingly good. In a weird way it’s kind of soothing even though it brings out insane feelings of paranoia at night (but that is just... Continue Reading →


If I EVER need a theme song, this is not it

The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- If you actually listen to this track while committing a crime you will most likely fall asleep and be caught within moments Track 18: The Theft I’m just going to cut to the chase and rate this a two out of five. I would to sit here and say that... Continue Reading →

Birth of the Red Violin

The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- What to listen to when you’re feeling dark and mischievous and really want to stir up trouble Track 4: Birth of the Red Violin Another good song which I would rate a three out of five, I suppose because it’s not as dark and heavy as the Death of Anna,... Continue Reading →

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