WWE: Blame Charlotte, Not Us!

Do you remember Vince's old attitude? How it was all about having brass balls? Basically, he ran these two shows that did whatever he wanted? There were matches against God (wow, I know), bra-and-panty matches...some in mud, that's always fun! There were raids against neighboring territories, a crazy old man on commentary that had such an... Continue Reading →


Why the Diva’s Revolution Pisses People Off

#GiveDivasAChance There was a time when the WWE Universe was vying for a change within the Divas division of the main roster. Okay, thats an understatement. The Divas, the fans, everyone and their mothers were hoping for a change. They wanted the main roster to be more like NXT. Long matches that showcased their magnificent wrestling abilities,... Continue Reading →

Why is Tamina Snuka So Quiet?

Ah, Tamina Snuka. We all have seen this quiet She-Hulk before. She's Naomi's right hand gal. The woman who can make you tremble with just one excruciating glare. A woman who, if she approaches the barrier, will make you jump back so as not to suffer her wraith. Tamina is a power house. But she's also... Continue Reading →

Best for Business: Natalya as Champion

Do you know what would be best for business? People who actually care about wrestling miraculously getting the chance to wrestle. Do you know what would be best for business in the divas division? A Natalya Hart Diva's Champion. A complete and total bad ass, wonderful villainess run. Natalya retaining the title for an insufferably... Continue Reading →

WWE Only Has Two Divas

It seems as though there are only two divas on the roster. Paige, and Nikki Bella. Although, I'm not quite sure if it should be three divas and add in Brie Bella. It may only still count as two, considering lately she's only been switching places with Nikki when it's convenient of course. All technicalities... Continue Reading →

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