WWE: Blame Charlotte, Not Us!


Do you remember Vince’s old attitude? How it was all about having brass balls? Basically, he ran these two shows that did whatever he wanted? There were matches against God (wow, I know), bra-and-panty matches…some in mud, that’s always fun! There were raids against neighboring territories, a crazy old man on commentary that had such an obsession with ‘puppies’ that he should have gone with David Duchovny for sex-rehabilitation.

Or you know, probably should have had charges filed against him.

Still, WWE has been known as always pushing and raising the bar, and were they ever apologetic?

Nah. They stuck to what they did.

You don’t want to see God in a match? Well, too bad, take your hurt feelings elsewhere because it’s about to get holy up in here. Didn’t like seeing a casket holding Big Show’s father in it? Eh, that’s minor! We here at WWE laugh at the dead.

Which is exactly what they did on Monday Night RAW for the November 16th episode. Technically they didn’t laugh per se, but they did make a segment out of the death of Reid Flair during Charlotte Flair’s main event contract signing with Paige.

Oh boy, where to even begin when it comes to this subject? It seems as though it should be touched with a 40 foot cattle prod. Whether or not it’s actually morally decent of them to use him and his name as such is an entirely different discussion to be had over coffee, perhaps with security nearby to keep the very divided fans at bay.

Let’s forget for a moment about how tasteless or genius this comment was received. The real focus right now is the accountability.

Who the hell gave it the A-O-kay, hmm?

Did the parents Elizabeth and Ric Flair give it the okay?

No, they did not. They were not asked, nor did they approve this part of the segment to happen on Monday Night RAW.

Well then, that only leaves for one person to have been accountable in giving this the okay. That would be Charlotte Flair, whom WWE even insists was the one who pushed this forward.


Now on his own podcast, Ric Flair stated that he doesn’t believe Charlotte gave it the okay. Seeing as how she’s still fresh on the main stage, she isn’t exactly in a position to say no. She has no seniority, no veteran’s say in regards to what she will and will not do once she’s in front of the cameras. Now, once you’re given an opportunity no matter what, you kind of have to just roll with it, right? Or, sit on the bench in the ice-box where all other forgotten talents are, hidden away from the camera.

Now, regardless of the sour taste it left in the mouths of many, let’s get one thing clear here, WWE. Take some accountability and responsibility when it comes to your product! You’ve pushed something out and saw it had received negative backlash, so what do you do? Blame it on the sister of the dead in which you spoke ill off?

Now that is tasteless and a prime example of cowardice. What happened to those brass balls Vince used to tote around so much? I had no idea that a ‘PG’ rating actually stood for ‘No Integrity’. Take responsibility for the product you’ve put out. Rather than blame it on the talent, why not something like.

“We realize we’ve done something incredibly insensitive, and we sincerely apologize” rather than something like “Yeah well she said it’s okay so everybody can forget this now pretty please.”

This action just seems to add on to the issues plaguing WWE these days, no integrity to stand behind what’s been done. This is just as bad as having someone win RAW, only to have them lose on SmackDown just to keep both sides of the coin happy.

Stick with your guns, or your brass balls, man.


Why the Diva’s Revolution Pisses People Off



There was a time when the WWE Universe was vying for a change within the Divas division of the main roster.

Okay, thats an understatement. The Divas, the fans, everyone and their mothers were hoping for a change. They wanted the main roster to be more like NXT. Long matches that showcased their magnificent wrestling abilities, as well as storylines that people cared about.

Shockingly enough, people are tired of catty women slapping each other around. They’re tired of insults concerning their looks, the brands they decide to wear, whether they’re preppy or geeky–it’s horrible.It demeans the women, and you’d think that with all the care they put out into make the program PG, they’d have more care in what they’re writing.

We’ve got bad guys, the stereotypical villain that kids know not to emulate because he’s wrong. Unless you know…you really do want to be bad. We’ve got heroes that send great messages of friendship and triumph, and conquering your fears and the bully keeping you down. Tales of the underdog succeeding.

Then we have the women’s division. Slapping each other and putting the other one down like a dreadful episode of Degrassi. It angers everyone. Ah yes, that clearly takes up a lot of brain power.

The point of the “Diva’s Revolution” was completely missed. Yes, the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch were added to the main roster to showcase their abilities, but not to be thrown into repetitive tag matches that never change.

People didn’t want them to be brought up just to have them there. People wanted them to be incorporated, to lead the revolution.  People wanted them to work with the current Divas on the roster–all of them–not just the ones that have been highlighted and already dominating the show.

Why isn’t Natalya a part of this? Why is she being reduced to a valet or comical opponent of Torito? Why is Tamina always the one taking the loss, or Naomi being brushed aside for a title run? Summer Rae and Lana bicker and fight over their boyfriends all the time–and the only time we see Cameron is on Total Divas.

This Revolution pisses everyone off because it’s exactly what it was never meant to be. Cat fights, the same old matches done over and over again with overly-predictable outcomes. Is there a story at all? No. Is anyone actually going for the title, or just settling for whining about who’s better and trying to put the other one down?

It’s the latter, in case you haven’t noticed. Although crowds definitely have. The Brooklyn crowd from Monday Night RAW post-SummerSlam noticed, and boy did they voice their discontent. Disrespectful? Yes, absolutely, but it’s also pointing out the fact that people are tired of the same old, catty garbage.

There will be no change with the Diva’s Revolution until the powers that be realize that pathetic, middle school drama should be left for ABC Family. It’s exhausting, for both viewers and for the athletes busting their asses day in and day out…and for what?

To be shoved to the side? To be reduced to a clique fighting with another?

Oh no, something has to change, for good.

Why is Tamina Snuka So Quiet?


Ah, Tamina Snuka. We all have seen this quiet She-Hulk before. She’s Naomi’s right hand gal. The woman who can make you tremble with just one excruciating glare. A woman who, if she approaches the barrier, will make you jump back so as not to suffer her wraith. Tamina is a power house.

But she’s also quiet, so very quiet. Tamina’s like a silent killer–hell, she’s a great white shark of the ring. Nothing can stand in her way, as she is one unstoppable woman. A regular force to be reckoned with….but a quiet force. Like a hurricane without any sound.

Or if we stay on the shark reference, picture deep sea diving without a cage, and you’re deaf! Then a shark comes and eats you up. That’s what it’s like to be near Tamina. Basking in the aura of a silent, deadly, calculated killer. Now the question is, why?

Why is Tamina so quiet? Why does she stay by Naomi’s side and barely make a single peep? What is going on that leaves her resistant to opening her mouth and voicing her opinion most of the time?

Well, it’s quite simple. Tamina’s plotting the downfall of the Diva’s division.

Oh yes, it’s clear as day. Why waste time and energy mouthing off to bratty divas when she can just use that time planning? All that valuable time she spends in silence is being used to plan a very elaborate downfall for each Diva on the roster. The plan is to pick them off one by one, until no one is left but the Diva’s Champion.

That one will be especially enjoyable to destroy. Tamina just may take her sweet time and relish the experience of destroying the champion before taking the belt for herself.

This has to be it! Why else would a destroyer such as Tamina remain completely silent and not have many matches, unless it was to plan the downfall of every diva there?

Best for Business: Natalya as Champion


you rock

Do you know what would be best for business? People who actually care about wrestling miraculously getting the chance to wrestle.

Do you know what would be best for business in the divas division?

A Natalya Hart Diva’s Champion. A complete and total bad ass, wonderful villainess run. Natalya retaining the title for an insufferably long time, completely destroying any diva in her path and becoming this wicked ruler. During her run she’d have countless open challenges for the title, handicap matches, anything she can to prove her excellence. Natalya would demand to fight a real wrestler.

Then we’d have the lovely Charlotte making her debut from NXT and putting an end to Natalya’s reign (because sadly, all good things must come to an end).

That’s what I think would be best for business. Why Charlotte in particular? Because these two lovely women are ridiculously talented, and have great in-ring chemistry.

Will it happen? Ah, no. Sadly whoever is developing the Diva’s division seems completely incapable of growing up and understanding that women have changed since they were obviously scorned by them at that one junior high prom where girls pointed and laughed at him.

But hey, I’m sure eventually they’ll give divas a chance!

Does ‘Total Divas’ Actually Help the Divas Division?


Yes, once again, I am writing about the Divas division, sue me!

Please don’t I’m a broke college student, I don’t need that kind of stress.

Now Total Divas is supposed to be a ‘reality’ show about the Divas and their lives and all that jazz. Yada yada yada, drama drama hate hate laughter tears drama. That’s the usual formula for any sort of reality TV show, but in the case of the Divas, this formula may not be doing too well for them.

Seeing as how the show is supposed to be dramatic and ridiculous and partially catty, it makes sense for them to have that basic, albeit annoying formula. However, the unfortunate part is that this formula is also used on RAW and SmackDown. Actually, it may be used even more on those shows.

Really, the wrestlers get more attention on themselves on a reality drama as opposed to the show that’s made them the stars that they are.

Does no one see anything wrong with that?

We see more female wrestlers on a show on the E! network than we do on their own shows! Plus, the shows that actually made them famous and put them in the spotlight…well, treats them horribly. WWE portrays them as catty middle-school girls that shame each other and put each other down. The extent of their storylines is pulling each other’s hair and screaming. The Divas don’t do as much as they used to, plain and simple.

Then, if we go from RAW and SmackDown to Total Divas all we see is the same thing–except more of the Divas being catty.

So does this show actually help the division? Or does it simply reinforce the negative stereotype that WWE portrays these women as–being catty, hateful, spiteful women. Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing.

I’m not saying women are never catty or spiteful, or are always cheering each other on. Hell, that translates to men too.

But the fact of the matter is that WWE doesn’t give the women any depth to their character or who they are. They recycle the middle-school mentality over and over again and never once stray from that.

The reality show helps them with exposure, I suppose. Yet if we look at them from the way they’re portrayed, does it help? Well, not so much.

WWE Only Has Two Divas


It seems as though there are only two divas on the roster.

Paige, and Nikki Bella.

Although, I’m not quite sure if it should be three divas and add in Brie Bella. It may only still count as two, considering lately she’s only been switching places with Nikki when it’s convenient of course.

All technicalities aside, it seems as though WWE is only aware of the existence of two divas. Sure, we’ve seen a little bit of Naomi and even minor glimpses of Tamina. Hell just recently we saw Summer Rae get destroyed within five minutes. The main point is that the attention is only on two divas, and it’s the same two divas for the last few months.

So much can be done with the amount of divas they have on the main roster. If they’re not utilizing them and their abilities now, then what would happen to the NXT divas that move up? I doubt they’d stand for any of that same treatment, given the sorts of matches they put on. Then again, the divas don’t really have any other choice.

WWE has amazing resources within the divas division on the main roster. They shouldn’t be reduced to the ‘bathroom break five minute match’ that they are commonly known for. The divas were once an integral part of the program, and now they’re cast aside as the women who fight little bulls for a comedic flair.

Or, they’re all completely reduced to a high school girl’s mentality. Petty cat fights and tearing each other down, pulling hair, shrieking from the top of their longs–all stereotypical qualities associated with women. Qualities most seen as negative, might I add.

So, what the hell does this mean for the future? When will there be a change? Give Divas a Chance brought attention to a very important issue–yet instead it was mocked by that same company. What’s that you say? More Divas? Well then, we’ll integrate them for about five minutes once or twice to pretend as though we’re doing so. Then we’ll throw everyone else away, keep the main two, and continue to have them act like teenage girls.

Yes, that’s exactly what people want to watch. No one will ever get tired of seeing the same two performers over and over and over again.