Why SmackDown is Infuriatingly Bad

Let's face it, SmackDown is a complete and utter joke and has been for quite some time. Granted, there are instances in which SmackDown doesn't seem to be such an atrocity--but lately those are rare. Now just why is SmackDown so infuriatingly bad? For one, it's an awful recap of RAW. As though RAW doesn't... Continue Reading →


Why Does the Wyatt Family Have a Sheep Fetish?

I know, trust me. I can't believe I'm asking that question either. But they do have a sheep fetish, don't you see it? They started with one white little sheep--that of Erick Rowan. They've since grown, expanding the farm and obtaining a brutal young black sheep in Braun Strowman. Now of all the creatures they... Continue Reading →

Why is Tamina Snuka So Quiet?

Ah, Tamina Snuka. We all have seen this quiet She-Hulk before. She's Naomi's right hand gal. The woman who can make you tremble with just one excruciating glare. A woman who, if she approaches the barrier, will make you jump back so as not to suffer her wraith. Tamina is a power house. But she's also... Continue Reading →

Why is Bray Wyatt so Lonely?

Recently, Bray Wyatt's affection has been directed towards Roman Reigns. Okay, so Bray has taken to stalking his child and costing Roman a very big win at Money in the Bank. That doesn't mean he hates the man in any way, shape, or form. He's just a bit misguided and doesn't quite understand how to... Continue Reading →

Why Is Stardust So Nucking Futs?

Stardust is quite the eccentric character. He's full of references that I'm sure the Dashing Cody Rhodes would possibly scoff at (or deny that he takes great joy in them). Anyone recall his precious, the InterContinental Title? Oh yeah, that was a whole thing, which Michael Cole apparently loved. Nerds Unite While Michael Cole may have... Continue Reading →

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