The Big Dog of The Franchise

To be the franchise, the big dawg of RAW (I know I'm sorry); one has to go above and beyond the call of duty. One has to be so incredibly in tune with the audience and Vince McMahon's needs, that it seems like the new shoulders the company rests on can't possibly falter. Yes... Continue Reading →


The IWC: Too Much Power…

The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is quite good at starting movements. From the rise of Daniel Bryan to the Diva's Revolution. However, do these movements actually work? Does the IWC have too much power? Shall their power be used for good, or for pure unadulterated evil? Originally posted on Smark N Mark. To read the... Continue Reading →

The Wrestling Fangirl

Fandoms were once considered a safe haven. A place for people sharing mutual interests to congregate and share their works of art and literature. Or to perhaps discuss the product in depth. However in some fandoms, such as the wrestling one, a terrifying phenomena has occurred. One where there are some overly ecstatic fans that are quite... Continue Reading →

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