SmackDown: Taking Souls & Diggin’ Holes (Highlights 11/15/16)

The 900th episode of SmackDown live is brought to you by Mauro Ranallo, who promises that it will be L-I-T. Given that I trust this man, I'm going to assume that he's correct and it's going to be a great night. Maryse wins the title! Okay maybe she didn't win and The Miz is actually... Continue Reading →


WWE SmackDown: Backlash 2016

Backlash: SmackDown Brand (9/11/16) Today we watch the very first SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view, Backlash. Tonight is the first chance for a brand exclusive PPV to shine. Will SmackDown impress viewers, fans and skeptics alike? Or will it lose in the battle of going toe to toe with the Raw brand? Kickoff Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: Respect the Hawk! RESPECT IT! (9/17/15 Highlights)

So I'm sure everyone's over the moon excited to see the 'Bella-bration' on SmackDown. Right? Plus ya know, RAW really wasn't all that great in terms of building up to Night of SmackDown has some pretty massive boots to fill. Will they filled? ...Eh.... Highlights Sheamus throwing a tantrum over his appearance. Dude, don't be so insecure! As... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: Kevin Owens Likes Seth’s Sloppy Seconds (7/23/15 Highlights)

I have to start thinking up more introductions for these things. I can only trash SmackDown so many times before it becomes completely redundant. Mind you, it's already hit that point, but sometimes you just have to keep pushing the limits. Highlights Dean making the sign of the cross after not dying when slamming against the announce table.... Continue Reading →

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