Seeing Monday Night Raw: LIVE! (3/20/17)

Yes that's right, I in fact saw Monday Night Raw, live, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on March 20, 2017. So let's get down to it: what was it like? First of all: it's kind of amazing. When you finally get through security and spend twenty to thirty minutes looking for your... Continue Reading →


SmackDown: Don’t Poke the Bear 3/19/15

SmackDown starts with Roman Reigns making an entrance, with all of his cheers shadowed by boos. The man barely gets out one sentence before Mark Henry decides to make another appearance. Mark Henry recaps what happened last week, in which he pushed Roman until the large man speared him into a new century. After the... Continue Reading →

Raw: Fondling Urns

Raw starts with an absolutely livid group known as The Authority--minus mom and dad Stephanie and Hunter. Seth Rollins takes center stage and decides to give a long winded speech about betrayal. Naturally, he would know of such a concept because he committed the ultimate betrayal against his Shield brothers. Oh excuse me, that was... Continue Reading →

Raw: The Viper’s Bitch 3/9/15

Welcome to Monday Night Raw, starringĀ The Authority's favorite mistakes, rejects, adopted children, however you want to refer to them as. Speaking of adopted children, the night starts with Randy Orton heading to the ring to have a little meeting with Kane, Big Show, Seth Rollins, and J&J security. The meeting, as explained by Kane, is... Continue Reading →

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