SmackDown: Taking Souls & Diggin’ Holes (Highlights 11/15/16)

The 900th episode of SmackDown live is brought to you by Mauro Ranallo, who promises that it will be L-I-T. Given that I trust this man, I'm going to assume that he's correct and it's going to be a great night. Maryse wins the title! Okay maybe she didn't win and The Miz is actually... Continue Reading →


The Raw Bits: All About Survivor Series (Highlights 11/7/16)

The show opens up allowing us to learn that RAW is currently in Glasgow. Yes, this was filmed practically half a day in advance,¬†and the crowd will be especially¬†censored and filtered before us dirty Americans see it. JeriKO: Oh Captains My Captains Yes, you read it correctly. The Universal Champion Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens... Continue Reading →

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