Slapping Stuff On Yo’ Face to Look Cool in the Summer

Surprise! In my wake of feeling completely and utterly uninspired by WWE, I’ve turned to write of something I do quite often. Don’t worry, it won’t be a summary of me playing Dragon Age Inquisition for 12 hours, only moving for bathroom breaks. That’s just sad, no one wants to hear of that. Also, that’s... Continue Reading →


Political & #RAW

[Not raw like the diet, but you know, the weekly professional wrestling programming] On tonight’s episode of ‘is it racist’, the March 19th edition of Monday Night Raw started off with a fairly politically charged topic. Most viewers know the backstory for this scenario, but for those who don’t I’ll keep it brief. Brock Lesnar... Continue Reading →

Brock Lesnar: Have Ya Seen Him?

[Just throw that man’s Bart Simpson-like face on the side of a milk carton at this point] Golly gee guys, Brock Lesnar no-showed Monday Night Raw! Scandal, scandal, shoot, shooty scandal oh no! It’s fine, guys. That wasn’t real, it definitely, no way, no how, could be real. Sure, Brock Lesnar has no-showed Raw before,... Continue Reading →

Review Of TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE and the Making of America’s 45th President

Lavie Margolin’s TrumpMania is exactly what you would think it is. A book which focuses on our current president Donald Trump’s involvement with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) throughout the decades. Now you may be thinking what I had thought the second I saw the title of this book: it’s a satire. I automatically assumed... Continue Reading →

Niche Please: WWE’s Limited Marketing Hurts (Part 1: The Cruiserweight Division)

Niche Please: WWE’s Limited Marketing Hurts Part 1: The Cruiserweight Division Over the years WWE has clearly done something right in terms of marketing and brand expansion. They’re often seen as the number one wrestling program (excuse me, sports entertainment) sheerly for their dominance over professional wrestling in the entertainment world. WWE breeds star power,... Continue Reading →

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