Radio Hosts Are Nuts

The Fisher King Oh dear, Jack Lucas is one of those jerk off type radio hosts. I love how this woman, well, I don’t love how she’s speaking so slowly. It makes me want to bonk her on the head to see if it’ll make her go any faster. Well, I do love how he... Continue Reading →


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech part 3 “Necessity is the excuse for every infringement on freedom.” – Professor Eric Foner of Colombia University Freedom of Speech seems to be the hot topic of controversy when it comes to the Bill of Rights. There’s this need for us to say whatever we want so we can express our... Continue Reading →

The Newsroom

The Newsroom- Jeff Daniels certainly isn’t Harry Dunne driving around in a sheepdog van anymore (That’s a Dumb and Dumber reference people, get with the times) I just have to start by saying you know you are into a show when once everything starts to pick up, the program stops and you want to jump... Continue Reading →

Beck & Stewart

Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck: Can’t even think of a witty title for this. Not even sure where to begin with this. I’ll start with the presidential campaign I suppose. Both brought up the fact that Obama said “Vote for revenge” and Romney turned it around to say “vote for love of one’s country”. While... Continue Reading →

Petraeus: A Lifetime Movie Event

 Glenn Beck Program - November 15, 2012 (Right in the beginning he mentions he is wearing the creepiest Kermit the Frog sweater, thank god he knows it’s disturbing.) Glenn’s got a smart mouth on him whenever he is reporting on this show. He brings up Obama’s first press conference in eight months, and the questions... Continue Reading →

Petraeus Sex Capades

Glenn Beck Program - November 13, 2012 (I’m a terrible person, Glenn Beck wearing glasses makes me think of a hipster Glenn Beck…I have issues. Also does he dye his hair? It looks …more platinum, if he grows it out and spikes it he can be Guy Fieri’s twin brother.) “Forget murdered ambassador, Petraeus is... Continue Reading →

Petraeus Was Betrayed

Glenn Beck Program- November 12, 2012 (Just loving how in the beginning he announces how bad he is at ‘calling the election’, take that Romney supporter!) “The media is at its last stand…can’t count on any of the major outlets to report the truth.” In the beginning of the program Glenn Beck mentions how the... Continue Reading →

Up Until 2008, We Were Okay

Glenn Beck Program- November 4, 2012 Election 2012 Well, after watching this program I have questioned my political vote, but it has not changed my mind. Watching the Glenn Beck Program is just one giant Republican party. He predicts that Obama will lose by a large margin, and even goes as far to say that... Continue Reading →

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