Jon Stewart- November 7, 2012- Nate Silver

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“For ONCE, Florida’s clusterfuckery is irrelevant!”

Jon Stewart, you sir, could not have said it any better! Of course Florida had to be the difficult state as usual. Really Florida? That desperate and pining for attention that for every election you need to have some sort of scandal? It wasn’t enough this year to eliminate voting areas which led to others becoming so crowded, voters had to wait six hours to cast a ballot, discouraging many people. BUT now it so close that it was 50%(Obama) to 49% (Romney). Come on Florida, get your act together.

“Now is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”


YES I DID! I must say, what a fierce remark.

His guest Nate Silver mention how out of touch some people were when it came to the numbers. Saying how the swing states would be a landslide for Romney, especially Ohio because it’s all Republican. While the first half of the show is poking fun at the election and the results, this closing half is concerned with the statistics of the election.

Stewart goes on to ask how elections would change in the event of a switch from the popular vote to the electoral college. His guests says there would possibly be a small change, and it could possibly benefit the democrats, states that are democratic that win by one or two votes. However it leads on to believe that states such as Florida, could turn around and become a ’purple state’, divided by the popular votes for Republicans and Democrats.

Stewart later outrageously compliments his guest for being so modest, and invites him to “just talk baseball.” It’s nice because he has such a warm friendly feeling towards his guests. He isn’t simply interviewing them just to grab information, he makes them feel comfortable and not interrogated.

Also, through watching these episodes I’ve noticed some of his habits. He slaps the table usually with his right hand quite often. He leans forward in his chair, his eyes are always open wide. Not sure if him having wide eyes is just for emphasis on what he’s saying, or if that’s his natural reaction to things, either way, it makes me chuckle to see him do that.


One thought on “Jon Stewart- DID YOU CATCH THAT!?

  1. Hey Amanda!

    I always enjoy reading your posts, they always come out so great and well written.
    Unfortunately Hulu won’t let you watch any of their stuff with Adblock so I am sorry for that inconvenience…

    This post was very well organized, not just one big blob but instead it’s broken up into many smaller paragraphs which makes it so much easier to read. Keep up the great work.

    – Sonny


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