Beck & Stewart


Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck: Can’t even think of a witty title for this.

Not even sure where to begin with this. I’ll start with the presidential campaign I suppose. Both brought up the fact that Obama said “Vote for revenge” and Romney turned it around to say “vote for love of one’s country”. While Stewart took a more humorous approach to this, it seemed that Beck tried to paint Obama as a villain who simply wants revenge, in support of Romney. Stewart takes a more neutral approach to his ‘reporting’ on The Daily Show. He doesn’t stick to berating one political party, rather he makes a joke out of the whole process by using two middle-schoolers as an example. Beck however you can see with the way he critiques Obama and keeps insisting the government will fall under his ‘rule’, one would assume he’s a Republican (he’s a conservative member of the tea-party, and that’s a huge difference, apparently). Stewart doesn’t show a preference when reporting, he keeps a straight face when announcing the winner of the presidential election. Meanwhile Beck grins with confidence and jokes around, believing Romney will win the presidency (that turned into a real nasty surprise for him).

Oh, here’s an non-controversial similarity between the two! They both host a show! Nothing wrong with that!

Well…one is a comedy show to make you laugh while another show beats you with facts until you’re brain dead and convinces you that the government is full of conspiracies…


Stewart does use comedy to share his information; after all, it is a show on Comedy Central.  While Beck’s program is strictly informational and serious, he does manage to sneak in humor. While it isn’t exactly the ‘laugh out loud’ type of humor you would get from The Daily Show, he does throw in sarcastic or witty comments to give the viewer a break from his conspiracy theories and constant bombardment of information.

Watching The Daily Show didn’t feel like an assignment like the Glenn Beck Program made it feel like.  The Daily Show has a light, comical atmosphere that makes absorbing this political information a bit easier to handle and retain. Meanwhile having Beck bombard you with information is completely different. His show isn’t amusing or fun to watch. Even though he’ll throw in a sarcastic comment or make a joke (like sitting with a crystal ball and Ouija board to make his prediction), it’s really all informational and not meant to be amusing. That isn’t his goal, his goal is to get information across and to enlighten his viewers, comedy is the least of his troubles.

You know what I noticed between the both of them did I enjoyed? There’s a nice bit of each of their shows that doesn’t focus on making fun of something or showing their wrong-doings, but rather focuses on the good or those who need help. Stewart mentions Hurricane Sandy relief, while Beck talks about a young disabled girl being bullied in school. While both are completely different topics, this showed a nice side of humanity to them, not that I doubted it was there, it was just a nice thing to see.

Stewart’s show has his ‘field reporters’ which go out and question Americans or other people in politics, just like Beck had done when it came to the fiscal cliff situation. Stewart uses this technique more though, and while in both cases you see what Americans think is going on with the government or news stories, Beck hardly uses this and I think it’s a shame, if he sent people out to do questions more, I believe it would make a stronger argument for his points.

I realized both shows brought up interesting government conspiracies. While I doubt Stewart’s was actually serious, Beck was absolutely positive about his theory.

Ah yes, and I liked that with The Daily Show, you get something different each day. If you watch three different segments of the Glenn Beck Program, they mostly cover the same story each day, just for slightly less time each episode. The constant coverage of the Petraeus case grew bothersome, and each time it seemed like it was a little less information and just more sarcastic commentary.


Petraeus: A Lifetime Movie Event


 Glenn Beck Program – November 15, 2012

(Right in the beginning he mentions he is wearing the creepiest Kermit the Frog sweater, thank god he knows it’s disturbing.)

Glenn’s got a smart mouth on him whenever he is reporting on this show. He brings up Obama’s first press conference in eight months, and the questions are asking if and when he is going to sit down with Romney, how will he try to work together with Congress, and what he plans to do about climate change. Beck doesn’t hold back, and says these questions are beyond childish when he states that his eight year old son would be disgusted by such questions and would be able to ask better ones. According to him, Obama avoids questioning about Benghazi, and the Petraeus case (which Beck jokes will soon become a lifetime movie, and I have no doubt that this will in fact happen).

Beck still talking about Petraeus made me want to bash my head into a wall, but thankfully he changed topics and instead sat in a Halloween-like setting.

Oh yes, he had the creepy spooky lighting, an Ouija board (to talk to the spirits) and a crystal ball, where he made a few predictions:

  • Administration, President will not be impeached, will raise taxes on rich.
  • Benghazi will just go away in the middle of the night.
  • Media will continue to ask softball questions.

Beck talks about how history is simply repeating itself. Before explaining this, he has someone go and interview Americans, asking them if they knew what a fiscal cliff was. He showed the ignorance of Americans, who thought it was a real location. His interviewer joked around with it, explaining to people it was in Aruba or out west and that it was a beautiful place. How sad is that? He says people don’t know what the fiscal cliff is because it wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t talked about since it wouldn’t help anyone politically. In fact, if people were informed on what it was, it would actually hurt certain people politically.

He goes on to compare America to Germany, and their Weimar Republic before it fell. They began to print more money to make up for the debt they fell into after WWI, then inflation began.  Beck predicts that America is going to fall like Germany’s government did, and we’ll all soon be waiting in line for bread, butter, and gas.

Beck uses a lot of history to support his predictions. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. Although history does repeat itself, I feel that if it’s caught soon enough, there’s an opportunity to change what will happen for the better. Now, upon hearing this I’m sure Beck would call me an idiot and make fun of me for not understanding 98% of America’s financial woes, but that’s the case with most of the population. If Beck is right however, and the government does fall (which he seems to believe will happen because of the sex scandals ruining trust in the government, and now the economy), then kudos to him, he finally has a correct prediction.

Petraeus Sex Capades


Glenn Beck Program – November 13, 2012

(I’m a terrible person, Glenn Beck wearing glasses makes me think of a hipster Glenn Beck…I have issues. Also does he dye his hair? It looks …more platinum, if he grows it out and spikes it he can be Guy Fieri’s twin brother.)

“Forget murdered ambassador, Petraeus is having sex on the shuffleboard court!” That was followed by a weird giggle by Beck, and me wondering if I heard that correctly, which I did. That’s quite traumatizing, especially since he again refers to this as grandpa’s having sex, geez if you’ve ever wanted to throw up your meal, Beck will help you do just that. He calls the media’s “sexier stories” the “Petraeus Sex Capades”. Well look at that, no one can seem to give up this juicy story. It’s as though the government has turned into a terrible TV drama made for teenagers with everything that is going on. You have general John Allen sending inappropriate emails to Jill Kelly, who is engaged in a catfight over Petraeus with Paula Broadwell who sent Kelly a letter something like “stay away from my man!”. Kelly is so concerned she sends this to the FBI, who are not interested, except one person who believes they should pursue this, but he is removed from the case when it is found out that he sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelly. Well good for her, she can get everyone in the government she desires huh?

These sex scandals just really know how to shake a nation. Such scandals are basically designed to discredit the military (again, another conspiracy which Beck is strongly supporting, which is now making even me paranoid). He mentions the only other sex scandals heard of was the White House being involved with the Secret Service sex scandals (what he describes as basically sleeping with hookers overseas). Well, the government is an active bunch now aren’t they?

The show actually mentions something besides sex scandals, mentions bullying. Man without arms and legs who tried to kill himself at the tender age of ten years old (Nick Vuijicic). Also mentions the disabled girl who is subject to bullying in high school, Chy Johnson. Beck talks about the heartwarming story of a young athlete and their entire football team defending this young girl from her bullies. A phone call from the girl’s mother asking what was going on turns into him and his team defending the young girl and eventually becoming friends with her. It’s as though she has an entire family at school to defend her. This is heartwarming to hear from him, as well as interesting to see some emotion from him. The family was supposed to be on satellite with him but the satellite stopped working, which is a shame. I thought the entire how would be about the Petraeus and sex scandals within the government, but this took a different turn which was enjoyable to see.

Petraeus Was Betrayed


Glenn Beck Program- November 12, 2012

(Just loving how in the beginning he announces how bad he is at ‘calling the election’, take that Romney supporter!)

“The media is at its last stand…can’t count on any of the major outlets to report the truth.”

In the beginning of the program Glenn Beck mentions how the media is failing to report the truth due to inaccurate major news stories.

He then goes on to discuss the Petraeus case, his affair, and what the government did wrong. Beck states that he believes Petraeus was put in charge of the CIA because he was hated. The old saying ‘keep your enemies close’ was used quite literally, as this provided them with a fall guy and someone to manipulate. By making this affair known, it would disgrace Petraeus and destroy his reputation, which would cause even more distrust among the military and government from the people.

“Only hurdle left for progressives was military…weaken every institution…only one left standing, the military”—Beck stating that for progressives to overthrow the government was to weaken the military. According to the administration, as Beck notes, they had no idea of the affair beforehand, and Beck states that is unlikely because of the administration is radically left wing. That they are lying about the situation and it was not a vetting problem. If vetting was in fact a problem, then several people should have been fired as a result. (I just had to look up vetting, never heard it used before, I was beyond confused, apparently it means to make a careful and critical examination, well alrighty then.)

From the beginning it seems as they were setting him up because he was being considered for the CIA’s top spot, rather than have him run the department of defense, which is his expertise. The fact that Petraeus was using an open email also supports that the government knew what he was doing. According to those Beck has questioned in the government, no one using email because it can be so easily hacked. Of course the government would know what Petraeus was doing.

While watching this program, I was surprised at Becks’ demeanor when it comes to reporting. He expresses a lot of emotion in his reporting, using a heavy amount of sarcasm. He also likes to crack little jokes, such as stating “Mommy and daddy are doing pushups in the other room,” in regards to Petraeus’ mistress saying they would work out or do pushups. He adds this subtle bit of humor and sarcasm to his reporting, in contrast to Jon Stewart who adds a lot of humor in his show. I like that Petraeus brings background information and evidence in his reporting. He recounts on interviews and questioning he has done in regards to the situation, rather than stating how this is all one big conspiracy, he supports his facts.

Up Until 2008, We Were Okay


Glenn Beck Program- November 4, 2012

Election 2012

Well, after watching this program I have questioned my political vote, but it has not changed my mind. Watching the Glenn Beck Program is just one giant Republican party. He predicts that Obama will lose by a large margin, and even goes as far to say that the Democrats will say that they will vote for Obama, but they’ll be so appealed that they will in fact vote for Romney. One of his guests even goes as far as to joke that there should be a Chick-Fil-A at the voting booths. Well, Republicans just seem so snippy!

Beck starts off by saying the nation will not survive another four years under Obama, won’t survive another four years of spending. The choice Tuesday has to include new media, personal, and business lives. He shows a clip of Obama speaking, “’Voting is the best revenge’—I’ve never heard a president say that.” Romney then uses Obama’s words at one of his speeches, rather than revenge, to vote out of love for one’s country.

Beck spends much of his time ripping into all that went wrong under Obama’s presidency. It seems as though the viewer is just being bombarded with terrible statistics. The household income has fallen 8.2%, jobs are scarce, people are earning less, and everything has become more expensive. A trip to the grocery store becomes harder and harder as food prices just continue to increase. Even gas prices have continued to rise, from 1.78 before Obama’s presidency to now well over three dollars.

He states that Obama has raised the national debt to over 16 trillion dollars, and Obama’s defense is that this happened due to “emergency spending to save economy”, wow, he really knows how to paint Obama into an evil villain doesn’t he? Well, according to him Obama’s solution is to pay for all of it by taxing the rich, taking or 1 dollar from top 50% of the nation, but the nation would still be out of money within one year, and the problem won’t be solved by taking from the top, because that leaves the bottom 50% to pay for it, and they won’t be able to. The problem is spending too much.

Obama, who supposedly supports small businesses is actually killing them with all of his regulations, “11,327 business killing regulations in first three years”. He makes it a point to show that Obama denied the Keystone Pipeline which would have provided tens of thousands of jobs.

This show, towards the end, roughly half an hour in is just one Republican bash, joking about Obama and how they predict Romney will win by a landslide.

Jon Stewart- Obama and Romney planned the entire thing…


Jon Stewart- November 8, 2012

At least he’s honest that no one ever wants to hear about that election again, right in the beginning of the episode.

“Oh, California actually deciding to pay for…some of the shit they want to do, my baby’s growing up!” I know, I was just as surprised as he was. Look at that, taking responsibility, trying to take responsibility for some of the stuff they want to do. Including male porn stars being forced to wear condoms when shooting, granted that is um, off topic, but California just seems to vote on everything now, as Stewart says.

I love that Stewart puts on the noise-cancelling headphones when the news states how Washington and Colorado have approved recreational marijuana. It’s playful, but hey , apparently the legal use of weed makes people extremely happy. Either way, people would still be smoking it, might as well make it legal to avoid so many police busts.

Well, I guess “this means I’m gonna smoke a lot of weed tonight! Woo!”

Alright, no I’m not, but I had to use it.

What? Williams going “full metal stoner” ? I suppose him and his other anchor bantering back and forth on snacks such as Cheetos, Mallomars, baked goods as munchies does portray a certain image. These anchors are just having a ball when it comes to reporting the pot legalization. They giggle, crack jokes, and have quite the array of play on words. Dude where’s my bong, Rocky Mountain High, Mile High State. How corny and lovely. As a skit later shows, these anchors joke about weed constantly but make sure to emphasize the fact that they don’t do it now.

Look at that, a reference to Jon Stewart in Half Baked!


Hm, an interesting point from John Oliver stating that Obama was trying to lose. Four times together stating that he ‘took a dive’.

Why would he do that? Why blow it?

Economy explodes -> Obama and Romney  are Thelma and Louise and they just messed up…

Well, that’s an interesting theory, that it was a deceitful campaign and Romney too wanted to blow it so he wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘mess’ that Obama left behind. Well played Romney and Obama, but sadly Obama messed up.

Ah John Oliver, always bringing an interesting view point to light.

That’s also what I like about this show and the way Jon Stewart presents it. There’s very true , factual news involved that he likes to poke fun of. Then there’s outrageous little skits such as Oliver’s that are just completely comical, but have that small, super tiny part of your mind wondering”…wait a minute, what if that was what happened?”

Now you have an elaborate conspiracy theory stuck in your mind and you just can’t get rid of it.



Jon Stewart- November 7, 2012- Nate Silver

(Choosing between 3 different PayPal advertisements all including Jeff Goldblum. Dear Hulu, I don’t care, surprise me.)

“For ONCE, Florida’s clusterfuckery is irrelevant!”

Jon Stewart, you sir, could not have said it any better! Of course Florida had to be the difficult state as usual. Really Florida? That desperate and pining for attention that for every election you need to have some sort of scandal? It wasn’t enough this year to eliminate voting areas which led to others becoming so crowded, voters had to wait six hours to cast a ballot, discouraging many people. BUT now it so close that it was 50%(Obama) to 49% (Romney). Come on Florida, get your act together.

“Now is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”


YES I DID! I must say, what a fierce remark.

His guest Nate Silver mention how out of touch some people were when it came to the numbers. Saying how the swing states would be a landslide for Romney, especially Ohio because it’s all Republican. While the first half of the show is poking fun at the election and the results, this closing half is concerned with the statistics of the election.

Stewart goes on to ask how elections would change in the event of a switch from the popular vote to the electoral college. His guests says there would possibly be a small change, and it could possibly benefit the democrats, states that are democratic that win by one or two votes. However it leads on to believe that states such as Florida, could turn around and become a ’purple state’, divided by the popular votes for Republicans and Democrats.

Stewart later outrageously compliments his guest for being so modest, and invites him to “just talk baseball.” It’s nice because he has such a warm friendly feeling towards his guests. He isn’t simply interviewing them just to grab information, he makes them feel comfortable and not interrogated.

Also, through watching these episodes I’ve noticed some of his habits. He slaps the table usually with his right hand quite often. He leans forward in his chair, his eyes are always open wide. Not sure if him having wide eyes is just for emphasis on what he’s saying, or if that’s his natural reaction to things, either way, it makes me chuckle to see him do that.