SmackDown: Stuff….Happened…Ish(7/30/15 Highlights)

Alas ye' scalawags, it's time for another riveting episode of SmackDown! I don't know why I had to start the introduction like that, I'm sorry. No more pirate speak, it'll never happen again. Let's just try to enjoy the entertaining bits of SmackDown that will hopefully happen, and forget this shameful beginning. Highlights Seth says he's... Continue Reading →


MTV ‘Scream’ Episode Five: The Duval’s Get Laid

WARNING: Spoilers as Always! Right, now that we've taken care of that little message, it's time to go on with the show. Or...the summary/highlight/odd conspiracy theories of the show. Sheriff's Ex-Partner returns! Her name is Lorraine, and she's definitely ruined the Sheriff's day. Now, there's clearly animosity between the two of them from the very... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: Kevin Owens Likes Seth’s Sloppy Seconds (7/23/15 Highlights)

I have to start thinking up more introductions for these things. I can only trash SmackDown so many times before it becomes completely redundant. Mind you, it's already hit that point, but sometimes you just have to keep pushing the limits. Highlights Dean making the sign of the cross after not dying when slamming against the announce table.... Continue Reading →

Brock Lesnar: Two Moves of Doom

Ah, Moves of Doom. A wonderful phrase dictating a wrestler's move-set which will undoubtedly put an end to your lovely day. The most common proprietor of moves of doom is one John Cena. The man in fact, has five moves of doom. I know, outstanding isn't it? It almost feels unreal. Five whole moves?! That's insane, that's... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: …I can’t even try with this show anymore (7/16/15 Highlights)

Alas, the final SmackDown before the Battleground PPV. Might WWE pull out all the stops for this? Will they put a last few details into these stories before we watch these people attack each other so savagely?! Probably not, but something interesting has to happen. Bray and Roman discussing Bray's hammer. Unless he's Thor, Bray should... Continue Reading →

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